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Pregnancy Personal Training Near Me in Dallas

What Need to Know About Prenatal and Postnatal Personal Training: “Changes in Pregnancy”

The most distinct physiological phenomenon in females is the ability to carry and deliver children. All systems of the body are affected, which has implications for exercise. A trainer should have knowledge of these changes, so they will be more prepared when training a pregnant client. Pregnancy comes with physiological, musculoskeletal, and psychological changes. Along…

Personal Training Recovery, Growth, Heart Rate, and Resting Tips | Dallas

Only Elite Athletes and Trainers Know These Tips for Enhanced Workout Recovery

When designing a fitness or weight training program, it is important to consider several variables. One of the most interesting and misunderstood elements is recovery.  Three ways to improve recovery time are to avoid overtraining, monitor heart rate, and effective rest routines. Monitoring morning heart rate is a great way to detect overtraining. When a…