Lacrosse Training

Staying ahead of the curve in one of America’s fastest growing sports requires regular time on the field.

Lacrosse teams will find the Slit Film 40 oz. artificial turf receptive to extended use and regular wear. Top of the line technology offers an earthly feel without the injury concerns of older designs or natural soil. Complete teams can work on offensive or defensive sets in the half-field space. A focus on baseline to baseline techniques, counters, scrimmages, and general midfield fundamentals will be honed on a full field easily adapted to lacrosse’s dimensions.

Members can also schedule time on the field with their own coach or trainer to work in individual drills. Personal time offers opportunity for players to work on new scoring sequences and general field positioning. Coaches and trainers will find variety in time/space reservation options are easily adapted to promote efficient practice sessions.

  • Large 121×55 Field – $120/hr (Call or email for availability)
  • Small 84×54 Field – $100/hr (Call or email for availability)
  • Under roof fields mean regular practice
  • Train harder with lower injury risk
  • Focus on perfecting lacrosse fundamentals
  • Personal time to work one-on-one with your coach
  • Our fields adapted for lacrosse
  • Top of the line technology modern turf
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