Trainer Philosophy


Extreme Studio Performance exists to educate, improve lives, and protect futures through the field of human performance.

When it comes to your health and fitness, we do not believe in the typical broad stroke and have a wide array of trainers and certifications.  Everyone has unique goals, genetics, ability, body composition and athleticism, but everyone desires results.

Our trainers and programming specialists take an inspiring and empowering approach through knowledge and expertise.  One size does not fill all.  We know that not everyone will be an elite athlete or super model, so we focus on maximizing each individual and developing confidence with a work ethic that translates to all aspects of life.

That is why we make sure to match you up with the perfect trainer, coach, or therapist that meets your specific needs established through systematic baseline testing and assessment.  Extreme Studio Performance combines our extensive experience and education with scientific principles that formulate a well-rounded fitness program.

We are dedicated to giving the best, research, training, service, support, equipment, and coaching.  We are here to help all people: never worked out, overweight, elite, strong, slow, uncoordinated, inflexible, fast, weekend warrior, CEO, young, old, etc. It doesn’t matter.

Everyone with a body can improve no matter how elite or novice they are and ultimately Be the Best Version of Themselves!

“Everyone with a body can improve, no matter how elite or novice they are, to ultimately Be the Best Version of Themselves!