Facilities & Fields

First-rate amenities and top of the line practice fields provide an environment well beyond that of a neighborhood gym.

Personal lockers, easy access showers, and a comfortable lounging area promote a country club feel that accommodates the extreme work ethics of members. Two indoor fields provide the necessary space for entire clubs to develop individual players while still building strong team chemistry. Both surfaces are built with Slit Film 40 oz. artificial turf to ensure a natural, safe field through regular, year-round wear and tear.

One field is a regulation size, indoor soccer field. It is equipped with a pair of built-in goals to accommodate the offensive, defensive, and midfield aspects of the sport.

The other field is a 4536 sqft practice field and is easily adapted to fit the needs of entire football or lacrosse teams. A valuable oasis during the peaks of inclement weather, dedicated squads will continue developing while rivals are limited by outside conditions.

  • Wide selection of equipment to add variety to your workout
  • Get energized in light & bright environment with top of the line audio
  • Unique selection of equipment you won’t find in other gyms
  • Helpful staff to guide proper use of equipment
  • Community of supportive trainers and members to maximize results
  • Plenty of room between equipment to maintain personal space
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Traditional machines and nonconventional methods offer a unique junction for workout potential.

Free motion treadmills, recumbent and upright bikes, and elliptical machines are only a few of the modern builds that minimize the unnecessary strain from cardio. Members will find additional spin and assault bikes, climbers, and stair masters to help promote variety within workouts. Veterans of standard gyms can locate the usual dumbbells, kettle bells, and plate loaded machines available for strength training.

Building on the regular foundation, torque equipment, motion cages, and power racks offer more depth to the standard training regimen. Free moving exercises including medicine balls, punching bags, and bosu/balance balls are easily available for additional development. Personal workouts will often expand to sledgehammers, tractor tires, and sled work for more unique targeting. Staff are regularly on hand to educate members about foreign pieces of equipment to ensure quick turnaround and safety in workouts.