Hard Style Kettlebell Training

ESP is proud to provide an exclusive offering to our fitness community, the Hard Style Kettlebell Club, presented by StrongFirst Elite Instructor, David Welek. Do not miss this unique opportunity to learn and practice hard style kettlebell anti-fragility techniques with David as well as ESP’s other certified StrongFirst kettlebell Instructors

WHAT (is hard style kettlebell training)?

Hard style, or hardstyle, has less to do with the kettlebell as a tool, or difficulty in training, as it does to a set of training principles that, when learned, can be applied to all forms of other training. It is a system that allows for one to gain supreme control of their muscles and joints, through various techniques that carry over into all other activities. You will learn how to develop appropriate tension for the tasks ahead to unleash strength and power expression you’ve never felt before.

  • Learn from StrongFirst Elite Instructor David Welek.
  • Develop supreme muscle and joint control.
  • Skill-based training with clear goals, beyond traditional workouts.
  • Join a community committed to strength.
  • Classes twice weekly, including Stick Mobility.
  • Open to members and non-members with skills assessment.
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WHO (is this club targeting)?

Anyone who has a sincere interest in learning these unique methods and approaches to training and practice in a group atmosphere.

WHEN (are these classes taking place)?

Classes will be held Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12PM and Saturdays at 10AM.

Saturday’s group lesson is a Sticks and Stones class that integrates Stick Mobility into the lesson.

WHERE (will the classes be held)?

At Extreme Studio Performance, the ONLY StrongFirst accredited gym in Texas and home to the most StrongFirst certified instructors under one roof in the world!

HOW (much does it cost)?

ESP members:

Non-ESP members:

WHY (is it important that I learn this)?

There are many methods of strengthening and conditioning the body available to us and it is difficult to choose which will be most suitable and yield the most gains. Hardstyle kettlebell specific training, while extremely technical and sometimes challenging to learn, is very accessible and enjoyably novel for most aspirants. This training is better viewed as skill development practice, as opposed to “workouts”, in the traditional sense, as there will always be a clear goal and purpose behind the drills and movements. A higher sense of mindfulness and skill achievement is always present when approaching your training in this way. Within this club, everyone involved will have personal, specific, goals they are working on in accordance with the StrongFirst School of Strength standards (www.strongfirst.com).

View this club as an opportunity for education and development in body control (awareness), strength, power, mobility, and conditioning. We want to empower YOU to know exactly how to train and care for your body while being part of a supportive community that has the same commitment to themselves as you do.

HOW (can I get started)?

We will only allow attendees that have passed the technique standards to each of these movements under the scrutiny of our StrongFirst Instructors to participate in these classes:

  • Swing
  • Squat
  • Turkish Getup
  • Clean
  • Press
  • Snatch

If you are currently unknown to us, we will need to observe you performing these exercises either in person or virtually before you are cleared to attend the classes going forward. The aim is to hold classes that involve students that have a strong baseline in proficiency as to not slow down the flow of the class with excessive corrections. Everyone will be using appropriate weights for themselves, which will vary from student to student, however, everyone will be on the same page with a mutual understanding of technique.

If you have an interest in joining this exciting format of fitness, click here to have a StrongFirst Certified Instructor contact you to schedule an assessment. Depending on how familiar you are with technique and HardStyle language, we can determine how soon you can join the group lessons. We look forward to seeing
you and growing this together!


David Welek
StrongFirst Elite & Stick Mobility Level 2 Instructor