Team Sports Training


At Extreme Studio Performance, our Team Sport Training values physical and psychological growth foremost (i.e. “TRAIN. BUILD. RECOVER. PERFORM.” on our front door) which places safety at the pinnacle of our methods. Therefore, from the moment our athletes step through the door to the last day of their long and successful careers, their training is closely supervised by our experienced coaches that prioritize injury prevention before all else.

In order to develop our athletes with the said standards as our foundation, great attention is given to detail in traditional and modern biomechanical laws of physics, proper technique in isolated and dynamic movement patterns, and correct form in any exercise.

”   It’s the stuff of magic that cannot be measured, it can’t even be coached. But it can be nurtured.  “

In our introductory days with a team, in-house movement screening and testing days will occur that will give our coaching staff enough data to procure a viable program implementation and to assess and track the progress of each athlete. Immediately after, they will enter a General Physical Preparedness phase, assuring that each athlete is equipped with the proper tools to handle the stress that our coaches will put their bodies through. This phase will include but is not limited to a balanced plan to improve joint stability and mobility, soft tissue flexibility (if needed), balance and proprioception, coordination and kinesthetic awareness, core strength and trunk stability, and nutritional education.

During the working phases of our athletes’ training programs, our coaches will emphasize training movement efficiency, power, strength, hypertrophy (if needed), conditioning, speed, agility, quickness, and sport-specific skill acquisition. Each of these biomotor abilities will be proportioned and executed based on each’s direct correlation to the sport of the athletes.

Lastly, a unique aspect of the training your athletes will receive at ESP is something that is oft talked about and even practiced, yet without intention. We’re talking about team chemistry. The bond between teammates can make or break a season. It’s the stuff of magic that cannot be measured, it can’t even be coached. But it can be nurtured. It can be fostered. With careful and attentive leadership, regard to the culture of the team, and taking heed to the nuanced intersquad dynamics, this abstract idea can bring about unimaginable concrete levels of success. You won’t find that anywhere else.

To find out more about our program design based on season and sport, please visit the Team Sports page and choose your specific sport. If you’re ready to commit your team to the standard of excellence that we maintain at ESP, please email

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