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Professional fitness trainers are able to help young athletes determine why their health and fitness goals are so important to them. They are then able to provide them with the necessary support to keep them motivated and on track.

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State of the art indoor fields provides an ideal space for teams or individuals to seek excellence, rain or shine. Slit Flim 40oz turf gives players an authentic grass experience without traditional synthetic turf injury risks.

Personal Training

Customized Personal Training. No matter age, gender, or experience, every person who attempts to live a healthy and fit lifestyle eventually learns that in order to succeed they have to attack their goals one day at a time.
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Make your goals higher and reach them faster
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Whether you’re a rising star athlete looking to get the edge in your sport or a working professional trying to maximize your energy and health, our personal trainers are experienced in creating custom programs that match your goals and level of fitness.

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Always get better rain or shine

Weather waits for no one.  Unbearable heat and strong shows can leave outdoor fields unplayable, but it doesn’t have to stop you from getting better.  Our state of the art indoor playing fields simulate natural turf allowing you to wear normal cleats for better traction and reduced risk of injury.

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Give us a call at 214-389-4001 or fill out the form below to schedule a visit and a free personal fitness evaluation. We’ll give you a tour of the facilities, run you through a few exercises, and give you feedback on the spot.  All it takes is one visit to see how this gym different.  This place will change you, if you let it.