Can You Build Muscles in a Group Fitness Training Class?

Can You Build Muscles in a Group Fitness Training Class Dallas Private Trainer

When you think of a “group fitness class,” you might think of something like Zumba or a cycling class where everyone follows the instructor and does the same thing. While you can build muscle in a class like that, depending on the type of class you’re taking, it likely won’t be targeted to your individual goals.

In a group training class, you’re still working out with a group, but you’re all working with a personal trainer on your individual fitness goals. If you want to build muscle but still enjoy the social and motivational benefits of group fitness, group training might be a good fit for you.

Can You Build Muscles in a Group Fitness Training Class Dallas Private TrainerImportance of Consistent Exercise

If you want to build muscle, then you need to exercise consistently. Weightlifting just a couple of times a month isn’t going to do much good. To see consistent gains, it’s important to put in consistent effort.

Joining a group training class can provide a big boost to motivation. It increases accountability, making you more likely to show up for every class session. The social aspect of group training can also help motivate you with a little friendly competition.

Pick Your Class Carefully

Not every group training class is going to be the same. Make sure that the one you pick aligns with your individual goals. Here at Extreme Studio Performance, we can help with that.

When you tell us you want to start group training, we’ll place you into an existing group based on similarities with those group members. Or if you have a group of friends who all want to work on fitness together, you can all sign up and start a new group.

Enjoy Individualized Instruction

We cap our group training classes at 10 people. This ensures that there’s plenty of time for everyone in the group to still get individual attention from the trainer working with your group. You’ll get the benefits of working with a personal trainer while enjoying the benefit of splitting the costs with other group members.

When your goal is to build muscles, having a personal trainer working with you can be a big help. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to fitness. Something that helps one person gain muscle mass might not work for another based on a bunch of different reasons including age, metabolism, genetics, biological sex, and other factors. Contact us today for a free fitness evaluation, a gym tour, and to discuss group classes.