What is Group Training and Would It Work for You?

What is Group Training and Would It Work for You Addison Gym Near Me

Usually when we think of training at a gym, we think of the lone athlete working on their own or of someone working one-on-one with a personal trainer. If we think of people at the gym in groups, it’s often friends who go to the gym together as workout buddies.

Group training combines the perks of going to the gym with friends with the benefits of having a personal trainer. Depending on what you’re looking for, group training can even be better than individual personal training.

What is Group Training and Would It Work for You Addison Gym Near MeHow Does Group Training Work?

When you join a group training program at a gym, it isn’t quite like signing up for Zumba or a similar group exercise class where everyone follows the same steps. You’ll still be able to personalize your workout to match your fitness goals, but you’ll be doing that in a group with a qualified personal trainer there to help you all out.

Here at Extreme Studio Performance, we cap the group size at 10 people. This ensures you’ll all still be able to get the personal attention that people want when they sign up for training.

Are There Benefits to Group Training?

One of the main benefits that initially attracts people to group training is the discount. You’ll still get the benefits of having a one-on-one personal trainer, but you’re splitting costs with other people in the group. This helps you save money.

Another major benefit of group training is the social aspect. People are social creatures and even introverts can find it motivating to work out with people who have similar goals. You’ll build camaraderie with your small group, and the group competition and accountability can help you reach goals more quickly.

What About My Individual Goals?

Even in group training, the program is designed for your specific goals and fitness level. There will be an overlap between what you’re working on and what others in the group work on, but there’s still plenty of room for personalization.

We’ll place you into existing groups based on similarities with existing group members. Or if you’re part of a larger group looking to sign up together, we can start a new group training session.

Where Can I Sign Up for Group Training?

If you’d like to sign up for group training, click here to contact Extreme Studio Performance. A fitness specialist will get back to you shortly to schedule a tour and free evaluation. Then, you’ll be able to ask questions about group sessions and discuss which group placement would work best for you and your individual goals.