Benefits of Group Training: Why Join a Fitness Community

Benefits of Group Training Why Join a Fitness Community North Dallas Gym

Many of us know from experience how motivating it can be to have a workout buddy or a fitness group. Knowing a friend is going to meet you at the gym after work gives you an extra reason to show up. Working out with a small group means you have people to offer encouragement and suggestions.

Research studies back up what we know from experience: having a fitness community is important. People who work out with a friend or in groups stick with their goals more consistently and often see better results than those working out alone.

Group training is one of the best ways to find a supportive fitness community. This training model combines the benefits of going to the gym with friends with those of having a personal trainer.

Benefits of Group Training Why Join a Fitness Community North Dallas Gym

Achieving Goals Together

The people we surround ourselves with have a deep impact on us. You’ve probably heard that before, but you might not know it’s also true when it comes to exercise.

One study, published in the Journal of Social Sciences, reported “that participants gravitate towards the exercise behaviors of those around them” (p. 52). In another study, published in the Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology, researchers recruited solo and group exercise participants and compared the results. Of those recruited for solo exercise, “76% completed treatment and 24% maintained their weight loss” during the months covered by the study. In contrast, of those “recruited with friends and given … social support, 95% completed treatment and 66% maintained their weight loss in full.”

When we spend time with people who are also working toward fitness goals, we are more successful in achieving our own goals.

A Motivating Community

Research studies and fitness experts also point out the motivational benefits of working out in a group. People who work out with others tend to push themselves more. They work out for longer periods of time and they challenge themselves more than they might on their own.

In one study, published in Annals of Behavioral Medicine, participants in groups spent about twice as much time working out as those exercising alone. We tend to be more motivated when working in groups, especially when we’re working out with people we see as just a little more fit than we are.

A little friendly competition can also help with motivation in group training. The drive to work a little harder and do a little better than others can push us outside our comfort zones.

Other Benefits of Group Training

In addition to the social benefits of group training, you’ll find other benefits as well. For one thing, group training is less expensive than individual personal training because the cost for the personal trainer is spread out among everyone in the group.

Another benefit to group training is that you can still work on individual goals. Unlike group exercise classes, where everyone does pretty much the same thing, you can still have a personalized training program. You’ll just do it in a group.

If group training sounds like it might be right for you, contact us today. We’ll set up a tour and a free fitness evaluation so we can match you with a small group and a personal trainer to help you meet your goals as part of a supportive fitness community.