5 Muscle-Building Truths You Need to Know

5 Muscle-Building Truths You Need to Know Addison Personal Trainers

There are a lot of myths out there about muscles, exercise, and fitness. Some of these are well known, like the myth that muscle soreness equals gains (click here to learn the truth about sore muscles).

Today, rather than just debunking myths, we’re going to talk about some fitness truths. Knowing these truths can help you build muscles in a way that works for your body.

5 Muscle-Building Truths You Need to Know Addison Personal Trainers

1) Warmups Can Vary

Research shows you don’t need to stretch before every workout. In some cases, stretching isn’t even the best way to warm up. If you’ll be doing a sport that calls for flexibility, then take the time to stretch. For weightlifting and most other exercises, warm up with something like jumping jacks, jogging, arm circles, and lunges to get your heart rate up and your muscles limber.

2) You Can Stick with A Routine

You don’t need to “confuse” your muscles by shaking up your exercise routine to trick them into growing. If you find it motivating to vary your exercise routine or want to focus on a new goal, then by all means change things up. But in many cases, consistency in how you train is a surer way to gain muscles than switching your routine up all the time.

3) There’s No One Solution

Short workouts can be just as effective as longer ones, depending on how you use your time. Sometimes lifting lighter weights can lead to the same gains as heavier ones. It all depends on your individual body and how you’re working out. For example, one study of women training for the first time showed those who trained at higher weights had similar muscle gains to those training at lower weights with higher reps (Dinyer et al., 2019).

4) Genetics Are Huge

Genetics play a huge part in determining how each of us looks when we build muscle. You could follow the exact same diet and fitness regime as someone whose physique you admire and still not get the same results. Instead of trying to look like someone else, focus on being a fit, healthy version of yourself.

5) Be Persistent

When you first start working out, you’re likely to see muscle gains relatively quickly if you stick with a routine that’s well-suited to your body. Eventually, though, that’s going to slow down due to the law of diminishing returns. Be patient and persistent with yourself as you keep training over the years.

Working out at a gym is one way to keep on track with your muscle-building goals. Here at Extreme Studio Performance, we provide a welcoming place for people of different genetics, abilities, body compositions, and athleticism levels to work out. You can work out on your own, join a group class, or work with personal trainers on a custom program supporting your individual fitness goals. Ready to learn more? Click here to schedule a visit and get a free personal fitness evaluation.