5 Ways That Group Training Can Help With Motivation

5 Ways That Group Training Can Help With Motivation Highland Park Gym

Do you ever feel unmotivated?

I think we can all answer “yes” to that question. We also know that we often need to buckle down and do things, including hitting the gym and working out, even when we don’t feel motivated. Still, finding ways to improve motivation can make it much easier to stay committed to your fitness goals.

One way to improve motivation is to work out with other people in a group training class. Group training is becoming an increasingly popular way to work out. For some people, it can even be better than individual training.

5 Ways That Group Training Can Help With Motivation Highland Park Gym

1) Social Accountability

The biggest motivator provided by group training is social accountability. When you join a group training session at Extreme Studio Performance, we place you into existing groups based on similarities with other group members. You’ll all be working on individual goals, but those goals will be similar and you’ll all be working together to motivate each other. The social aspects of group training help build camaraderie and accountability among group members.

2) Habit Reinforcement

With group training, it’s easier to make exercise become a habit because you commit to being at the class the same time(s) each week. It’s also harder to reschedule or skip a group class if you’re struggling with lower motivation than it would be if you were working out on your own.

3) Friendly Competition

When you work alone or even one-on-one with a personal trainer, it’s easier to slack off on days when you don’t feel like working out. Being in a group provides a little friendly competition that encourages you and motivates you to push yourself.

4) Cost Saving

We tend to value what we pay for, so knowing that you’re paying for a class can be motivating. However, one of the things that holds some people back from personal training is the cost. With group training, costs are shared among group members. This means that group training can help motivate you to place a higher value on your workout commitment while staying budget-friendly.

5) Personal Advice and Support

With group training, you get to work with other group members in addition to a professional trainer. With this training model, you’ll benefit from the advice, support, and experience of your trainer as well as from everyone else in the group. You’ll all get to cheer each other on to achieve your personal fitness goals.

To learn more or sign up for group training, click here to contact Extreme Studio Performance. A fitness specialist will respond soon to set up a tour and free fitness evaluation. We’ll be happy to answer your questions about group sessions and discuss which group placement would work best for you.