Here’s How Going to a Gym Can Help With Everyday Aches and Pains

Heres How Going to a Gym Can Help With Everyday Aches and Pains Addison Gym

Not everyone wants to look bulky, get super strong, or become a top athlete. But that isn’t a reason to avoid going to a gym.

Exercise isn’t just for the most committed athletes. It’s for anyone who wants to feel their best. As we get older, we often start noticing aches and pains. We might gain some weight we’d rather not have or notice we don’t have as much energy. Some of us deal with chronic pain and other health issues. If moving more could help with those things, then going to a gym starts to sound like a great idea.

 Heres How Going to a Gym Can Help With Everyday Aches and Pains Addison GymThe Scientific Benefits of Exercise

Let’s start with some science. Studies show that even moderate levels of physical activity improve mental health, reduce feelings of fatigue, strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, and reduce inflammation (“Exercise and Chronic Pain,” Utah State University).

Exercise is so helpful in treating chronic pain that some researchers say doctors should prescribe it to patients like medicine! And you can get these benefits from both aerobic and strengthening exercises. Walking, swimming, seated strength training, exercise bands, biking, lifting weights, yoga, and many other types of exercise are all good options.

Do You Need a Gym?

Pretty much any activity that gets you moving more and sitting less can help reduce chronic pain. You don’t need a gym membership for that but going to a gym sure can help. For one thing, being surrounded by others with similar fitness goals can help with motivation.

Another good reason to go to a gym like Extreme Studio Performance is that you’ll have access to advice from fitness professionals. We’re happy to answer questions even if you don’t sign up for personalized training. If you want to work with a personal trainer or join a group class, we can help you come up with a customized exercise plan that works for your body.

Get Moving!

Exercising at a gym can help with aches, pains, feeling tired, and other everyday complaints by increasing energy, supporting weight loss goals, strengthening your body, and helping combat many sources of pain. Of course, you’ll want to talk with your doctor before starting a new workout routine, especially if you have chronic pain or other medical concerns.

A fitness plan that’s customized for your body and your goals is usually a good place to start when you want some help with everyday aches and pains. Come visit ESP to learn more about how we can help. When you work out here, you become part of a supportive community where both members and trainers provide encouragement and support for your unique fitness journey.