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Why do you exercise? Purpose Driven Personal Training Dallas

Why Do YOU Exercise? (Purpose Driven Training)

Why do you exercise? Asking colleagues and clients this seemingly simple question throughout the years, I’ve noticed a dominance of strength, speed, and physique aspirations.  Athletes looking to increase their weightlifting capacity and agility.  Middle-aged clients who wish to restore the same biometric and fitness numbers from their youth. The exercise rookie who strictly wants…

Personal Training Recovery, Growth, Heart Rate, and Resting Tips | Dallas

Only Elite Athletes and Trainers Know These Tips for Enhanced Workout Recovery

When designing a fitness or weight training program, it is important to consider several variables. One of the most interesting and misunderstood elements is recovery.  Three ways to improve recovery time are to avoid overtraining, monitor heart rate, and effective rest routines. Monitoring morning heart rate is a great way to detect overtraining. When a…