TRX Body-weight Suspension Trainer

In today’s fitness and health industry, we are being hit with new fads and quirky equipment from every angle at every second of the day. Here to relieve you of having to waste time figuring out which ones are actually beneficial and worth your time, i present you with the TRX bodyweight suspension trainer. It was originally invented by a former Navy Seal to accompany his workout needs in the field. He needed reliability, something that was easy to pack and store away, and something that offered a wide range of beneficial exercises.


The great benefit of the suspension trainer is it can be used for anybody. Individuals from the most beginner level, all the way to the most advanced athlete. It relieves the body of any unwanted stress from weights and focuses on the users body weight and nothing more. The majority of the exercises require a lot of core muscle activity to keep form and tension throughout, which is a fitness enthusiasts dream.

The range of difficulty can be adjusted in a mere seconds. If you need something to be easier due to fatigue or strength levels, all you would need to do is step farther away from the anchor point allowing less stress due to a lesser amount of bodyweight being used throughout the movement. Vice versa, if you need to make something more difficult, all you would need to do is step closer to the anchor point, allowing more bodyweight and more core muscles to be incorporated throughout the movement.

What makes this tool great, is it prevents sedentary movements and consistently requires stability and core focus all while increasing injury reduction by activating all the body’s stabilizers throughout.

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