Top Five Reasons You Need to Work Out And Stay Physically Active

Working out can have a huge impact on your health.  Here are five reasons it’s important to stay physically active.

Improved Mood

When you are physically active, your mood becomes better. This is backed up scientifically. How? You may ask… When you are physically

Top Five Reasons You Need to Work Out And Stay Physically Active - Dallas

active your levels of dopamine and serotonin increase. Hormonal levels also increase, which creates the “feel good” effect. This minimizes stages of depression and negativity in general. Pump the weight and feel great. 🤷🏽‍♂️

Reduce Muscle Atrophy

Science has also shown us that staying physically active helps reduce “muscle atrophy.” This means that muscle cells “waste away.” Have you ever been to the hospital and talked with a loved one and they say they are sore? In our mind, we’re like how can you be sore from just laying down? The patient is “sore” because their muscles are in a state of atrophy. Blood flow is minimized through the vessels and the body isn’t as strong as it should be. So to avoid muscle atrophy stay active. There were and are many cases present of muscle atrophy during COVID-19 which leads to more people getting sick.

Improve Heart Health

Another reason why you should work out and stay active is for heart health. The stronger the heart the better the body functions. When you have proper circulation of blood cells in your blood the heart can oxygenate blood properly. This minimizes the chance of catching heart disease which is still the number one killer when it comes to your health. It’s about prevention of disease, not keeping someone on medication to help them function.

Injury Prevention

My number four reason to work out and stay active is injury prevention. We love to get up and move around on a daily basis. We perform daily duties such as picking up our kids and holding them, taking out the trash, squatting down to pick something up, rotate our body to move boxes. We perform daily tasks, it’s life. The stronger the muscles are the better we can perform in life without hurting our lower back or straining a shoulder because we reached too far. You may sit there and laugh about it, but as a wellness pro, I’ve heard of these things happen. Prevent injuries from happening, just work out. Work with a fitness pro that can help identify your current biomechanics to help correct them and have a better quality of life.

Improved Confidence

My final reason to work out and stay active. Confidence. Confidence creates a character of being able to perform any daily task and take on things of the world that are beyond your control. When you feel better physically you are empowered. There is this sense in your mind and body that you have become somewhat invincible. When you’re confident, and you look good, others see it. You walk into a room and you can command it. The first sense we use is sight. We see things first, hear second. It’s natural when people see your confidence from you working out it will affect everyone around you. Confidence creates character but has that humility as well.

When you take your journey to a fitness/wellness facility and decide to work with a wellness pro remember one thing. That trainer is there to provide for you and your needs when it comes to your health. It’s synergy that makes it work. There is a bond between the trainer and client that should not be short term depending on life circumstances. This relationship is a strong one because the client has invested financially in the trainer for knowledge, accountability, comradery, but overall a lifestyle change.

You have to understand the client’s story with their health before you can start to dive in and give professional advice. The client walked through the door, which shows either A) they’ve never worked out and need help. B) they currently workout but need the help of a coach to get them where they want to be physically in life. The wellness pro must identify the need base and execute a proper program for the client. The world will reciprocate the relationship between the two individuals and a long term relationship will be built. That’s the advantage of working with a qualified professional trainer.


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