Prism Yoga A Practice for the Modern Warrior

As a practitioner and teacher of yoga for the past decade i have come to realize that the lessons of this ancient practice provide a much needed foundation in many areas for just about everyone. At the same time, dedicating my life to the necessity of keeping the body strong, mobile and alert thru a career as a fitness/wellness instructor. A few years ago there was a realization that these two areas harmonize well with one another, thus the birth of Prism Yoga LLC.


Prism Yoga is currently being taught at the Dallas Police Academy to the instructors, certifying them in the understanding of yoga to their already existing background in personal training, combat and many other forms of physical teachings required for police recruits to become confident police officers.

As the wife of a police officer for 10 plus years i understand all too well the stresses that linger with a police officer. It became a passion of mine to take my knowledge of the body via yoga and fitness and impart that information where it could be of great value to the masses who have the need of it police departments. The instructors will complete a 40 hour course which gives them a working knowledge of yoga philosophy, postures, strength exercises, familiarization of the physiology of yoga and a basic background in the energy portion of a yoga practice. Lastly, there is a section that better explains the needs of police specific stressors to be addressed and common health issues that can plague a police officer of any ranking.

While this is a program initially designed for law enforcement it is open to other organizations, companies and groups of people who are looking to not only incorporate a yoga program into their own daily activities but to also learn how to teach this program for the needs of their organization.