Three Reasons Indoor Soccer Fields Are The Best Place For Training and Practice In Dallas

Gym With Indoor Soccer Practice Field Near Me in Dallas

The team that is best prepared is the team that usually performs best.  How a team practices will play a huge part in the quality of their preparation.  Finding a good place to practice or train your soccer team can be a real challenge in DFW.  Here’s there reasons using indoor practice fields will give your team the edge.

Gym With Indoor Soccer Practice Field Near Me in Dallas1. Great for year-round training

Texas weather doesn’t care when or where you want to practice.  For 99% of the year (roughly), it’s ~150 degrees outside (also roughly) in Dallas.  Not only is the weather that hot uncomfortable, but it’s also dangerous.  Players risk dehydration, sunburn, or other heat-related ailments.

These heat-related risks can and will often limit how much high-quality/high-intensity practice time soccer teams and players can endure.  When players are more worried about getting off the field and out of the sun, their focus on coaching or correctly completing drills suffers.

When the Texas sun isn’t blasting unbearable heat, the stormy weather also gets in the way.  Heavy storms in the Spring and Fall can lead to muddy and unplayable fields.  Even if you’re willing to practice on wet fields, you risk causing lasting damage to the turf.  And the blip of winter Dallas does get is equally miserable for practice.

Indoor Soccer Practice fields in Dallas suffer none of these weather-related drawbacks.  Whether it’s 100 degrees outside or thunderstorms have drenched the metroplex, you can count on climate-controlled indoor practice fields to offer perfect conditions for training year-round. Teams and individuals will be able to improve faster because more attention will go to coaching, and drills can be done at maximum intensity (or whatever level of intensity is right for the season).

2. Better quality turf

Finding outdoor fields with nice lush grass to practice is a real challenge in Dallas or anywhere in DFW.  Practice fields don’t tend to get the same level of care and attention that game fields get and are often neglected.  Drought conditions and limited watering schedules can exacerbate the poor turf quality.

This leads to bald spots where there is often no grass at all. Running and playing on dirt is a wildly different experience from playing on grass. The resistance to running and traction, in general, is different.  The ball rolls and bounces differently.   Many fields develop cracks and uneven surfaces that add unnecessary injury risk due to rolled ankles, twisted knees, or even just tripping.

When you rent an Indoor Field, you get perfect turf every single time.  With a high-quality artificial turf like the Silt Film 40oz used at ESP,  you reduce the risk of injury when compared to harder or poorly maintained playing surfaces.  The feel of the turf simulates real grass and gives players a better feel of how the ball will roll, bounce, and respond.  Better game turf simulation will lead to better in-game performance from your team.

3. Predictable and controlled field

If you’re looking for an indoor soccer field to practice, then you’ve probably experienced the challenges of claiming your team’s space on practice fields.  Just like you, other teams and players are looking for a good place to practice.  And you’re not just competing with soccer teams for space; other sports teams are also looking for places to practice.

Areas that are good for practice are highly desirable which leads to crowding and limited space.  The competition for practice space can also limit the amount of time you have to practice or limit the size of your practice area making some drills impossible.

Indoor practice fields are a set size.  You don’t have to worry about competing with another team for space or getting squeezed into a smaller part of the field than you originally expected.  You’ll know how much space you have, so you can run your practice exactly as planned.

Full Control of the field that you practice on gives you the inside track to better practice, better preparation, and better results when the real game is played.

One bonus benefit for parents of soccer players is getting to double-dip.  Not in the gross, socially unacceptable way, but rather getting two things done at once.  While your young emerging soccer star is practicing with their team, you can use that time hit the gym and work out.

Because Extreme Studio Performance has full, clean, well-maintained locker rooms (another benefit of indoor vs. outdoor) and state-of-the-art workout equipment, you can get your fitness on without leaving and having to fight the nasty DFW traffic.

Soccer has become increasingly competitive here in the United States.  Soccer players are getting competitive earlier and getting better coaching and personal training at a younger age than ever before.  When you’re looking for every edge you can get on the competition, indoor soccer fields remove the distractions, promote constancy, and allow players, coaches, and teams to perform their best.