Self Defense 101

Self-Defense is defined as being able to defend oneself from all things bad by utilizing techniques that can neutralize an enemy by any means necessary. Pretty tough words, but by using simple things such as common sense and a little self-confidence, certain situations can be avoided.

For instance, locking your car doors as soon as you enter your vehicle is a deterrent for would-be car jackers. Having your car keys ready before unlocking your car is another way to deter thieves. Fumbling for your keys in your purse or pocket gives a would be attacker time to take advantage of your situation.

Talking on your cell phone while walking up to your home or vehicle makes you a potential target. You just are not focused on strangers or your surroundings if you are busy on your phone. Put the phone away until you are secure in your home or vehicle and then make your calls!

Following these simple things can not only help you avoid being a victim, but will also give you self-confidence.

David has a strong background in all areas of self defense with years of experience. David offers Self Defense classes and individual training sessions. If you are interested in learning how you can better protect yourself please contact

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