5 Fall Fitness Tips

5 Fall Fitness Tips Highland Park Personal Trainer Near me

As we head into fall, changing weather and changing schedules can make it challenging to stick with a fitness routine. But fall also brings some unique opportunities for incorporating exercise into your everyday life. With a little planning, you can make fall a great time to meet your fitness goals.

5 Fall Fitness Tips Highland Park Personal Trainer Near me1) Use Yardwork as a Workout

Not all fitness happens in the gym. Many of us have yards to take care of, and fall comes with a new set of yard work tasks. Taking care of these tasks yourself can give you a natural movement workout.

If you want to make the workout more intense, rake leaves with a hand rake instead of using a leaf blower and opt for a walk-behind mower instead of a riding mower. Mulching landscape beds and doing some fall planting can also give you some exercise.

2) Make A Food Plan

We’ve got holidays coming up, which means you’ll probably have an opportunity to eat a lot of food and it won’t all be good for you. It’s easy to grab an extra plate of food at Thanksgiving or eat just one more piece of your family’s favorite holiday sweets. Then before you know it, you’ve eaten more than you planned, or you’ve eaten something that doesn’t match your diet.

Unless you’re committed to a strict diet plan, there’s no harm in having an occasional treat. You’ll feel better, though, if you plan to indulge rather than accidentally falling off your diet plan and then feeling guilty. Eat healthy most of the time, and it’ll balance out indulging in the occasional holiday treat.

3) Fit In Some Outdoor Activities

Fall typically comes with cooler weather, relieving the heat of summer. Now’s a great time for activities like apple picking, walking, hiking, running, and biking outside. If you love the great outdoors, make sure to take advantage of the weather and fit in some outdoor activities before winter sets in.

4) Start Moving Indoors

You can’t always count on fall weather to be nice enough to work out outdoors. Cooler weather, rain, and seasonal allergies are a few reasons you might want to start working out indoors more in the fall.

Fall is a great time to start spending more time in the gym. You can keep doing the same types of workouts you’d been doing during the summer (e.g. using a stationary bike instead of biking outdoors) or add something new to your routine (e.g. start lifting weights if you haven’t been doing much strength training over the summer).

5) Keep Motivated!

Changing seasons often come with changing schedules. The kids are going back to school, summer activities are winding down, and holiday activities are starting up. As schedules change, it can be harder to keep up with an exercise routine.

To help you stay motivated, consider joining a group training class, signing up for some personal training, and/or setting some new fitness goals for the new season. When you work out at Extreme Studio Performance, you’ll be joining a supportive fitness community from all walks of life. Contact us today to schedule a visit and free fitness evaluation.