Soccer Training

Evening the playing field in the world’s sport requires effective training time on the pitch.

Training space is available on a full, Slit Film 40 oz. artificial field. The modern build provides a natural feel without the injury risk of a harder surface. Teams can take advantage of the field by renting the space needed for training and scrimmages. Skills are finetuned through standard agility, passing, shooting drills, and set pieces on one-half of the field.

Full scrimmages and line-to-line strategy are easily run as the entire field is available for rent. Members may also find personal time on the turf to improve through individual drills and personal training. Appointments can be made with staff for directed, individual practice. The soft field promotes a training environment relative to that of academies across the pond. Coaches and trainers can reserve the necessary space to maximize developmental opportunity while minimizing needless time and actions.

  • Large 121×55 Field – $120/hr (Call or email for availability)
  • Small 84×54 Field – $100/hr (Call or email for availability)
  • Slim Film 40 oz. artificial fields
  • Effective training due to flexible scheduling
  • Personal time on turf for Members
  • European type soft field environment
  • Lower injury risk compared to harder surface.
  • Practice makes it perfect and we offer the perfect place to practice
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