Football Training

Football success stems from finely tuned offensive and defensive strategy that is perfected without a true opponent.

The weekend’s games on the gridiron begin during the week. Teams will find available space on a Slit Film 40 oz. artificial field that withstands heavy use and bounces back to offer an injury-friendly surface. Teams can instill their Cover 2 defense, spread offense, or familiarize red zone personnel with practice on one half of the field.

The larger space can accommodate two-minute drills and special teams work with an easy transition to football dimensions. Members looking to practice on their own can schedule individual time on the field to work with coaches or personal trainers. Staff offer experience with the NFL’s best talent as a way for athletes to continue improving their own game. Coaches can adjust the time and space booked for practice to promote a greater focus on efficiency and overall development.

  • Large 121×55 Field – $120/hr (Call or email for availability)
  • Small 84×54 Field – $100/hr (Call or email for availability)
  • Focus on football strategy
  • Flexible scheduling and ample space
  • Experience with the NFL’s best talents
  • Team or individual practice
  • Heavy use artificial fields
  • Football practice done right
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