Roland Richichi

Roland Richichi - Orthokinetics Personal Trainer
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Roland has worked in the Fitness Industry for 10+ years and has been a Professional Trainer for 8 years. He has been certified by NASM as a Performance Enhancement Specialist, through the Cooper Institute as a Certified Personal Trainer, and he is a certified Orthokinetics I&II Specialist.


Roland’s expertise is with building customized corrective and performance exercise programs. As a trained biomechanics specialist, he guides his clients through their program while modifying and teaching precise technique on every exercise. Committed to your success, he will regularly assess your improvements, progress your program and provide expert training to help you improve function, develop strength, decrease pain, and enhance movement to achieve optimal performance and pinnacle fitness.


Roland’s ultimate goal is to facilitate a client in fulfilling his or her potential. This, Roland says, is the true measure of success. As in life, before anyone can select a program to follow, he or she must ensure that program follows specific principles and uses effective strategies to obtain their goals. Both are unchanging and serve as the compass to guide a client along the correct path to success. Roland believes his job is to give his clients principles and strategies to be the most successful one can be, and to help his clients maintain a healthy, sustainable lifestyle. He is truly here to change lives through fitness.





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