Dylan Douglass

Trainer Introduction

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Dylan has been training longer than he’s been out of school. With a college football career and a passion for strength and conditioning which he has been practicing as long as he can remember, he loves to bring a higher quality of life to all of his clients through movement. He has worked with a wide variety, ranging from the elderly and injured to professional athletes and team sports, to those not in the DFW area that need online training. Dylan loves to lead by example and has a strong philosophy about exercise science, so don’t be surprised when you see him struggling under a barbell the next time you’re at the gym!


  • 2016-2018 – Freelance personal trainer
  • 2018-2020 – Gym manager, group instructor, personal trainer
  • 2020-Present – Strength and conditioning coach, personal trainer

Education & Certifications

  • Abilene Christian University – B.S. Kinesiology & Nutrition
  • NCSF – CPT


Dylan specializes in strength and conditioning in power or team sport performance. This type of training focuses on using the most explosive parts of Olympic and traditional weightlifting, as well as the most effective parts of speed and agility training to bulletproof the human body.


Instagram – @broseffdylan https://www.instagram.com/broseffdylan/

Website – Dylan Douglass Kinesiology https://www.dylanthekinesiologist.com/

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