Nutrition Consulting

Dietary counseling goes beyond individual meetings at the gym.

Partnership with Crucial Four nutrition offers an extended, in-depth guide towards developing member diets. After setting the foundation in a meeting with one of the on-site staff advisors, the online system offers a dedicated schedule to match personal wishes. Bodily needs go beyond the traditional fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. Members can target overall health improvements extending to back and joint pains, arthritis, body alignment, stamina, overall energy, and many other physical problems. Guides are customized for those simply looking to improve their diet for general health. They are easily adapted to non-traditional intake (i.e. strength training) as well.

Many meal plans accommodate home cooking, but meals are also available through ICON meals. ICON helps members maintain a clear schedule with proper nutrient distribution regardless of dish. These premade meals are much more than the frozen meals and prepackaged options from other systems. Members are offered a vast array of options ranging from quesadillas and enchiladas to chicken cordon blue and lasagna. Personal trainers will help monitor general upkeep and proper eating. The outsourced meals are designed to limit unnecessary work that may deter one from their schedule. In-gym workouts will only have minimal effects when paired with a poor diet.

Maximizing one’s potential requires proper attention to both sides of the spectrum. Trainers are paired with participating members to provide a supportive and motivating environment to promote reaching the identified goals.

  • Advanced nutrition for faster recovery
  • Wild heirloom and organic ingredients to improve your health
  • On-site nutrition bar for easy access
  • Boost Self-Esteem and Stamina
  • Techniques Proven with Pro-Athletes
  • Guided Progress to Next Level
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