Sports Fields & Training


No matter the sport, you need a proper training space to practice.

Two indoor fields: a full soccer pitch and a 4644 square foot soft training field offer ample opportunity for team and individual development. Soccer, football, and lacrosse teams find the space easily adapted for their various needs. Built-in goals make the dedicated soccer space an easy place to practice or scrimmage while the remaining open area accommodates any number of personalized drills.

Field space is available in thirty-minute increments, and different sizes so coaches and trainers do not waste any time or space during training. Individuals looking to make the step from high school to Division I athletics, college to the professional ranks, or to improve for personal pleasure are paired with experienced individual trainers. These personnel offer developmental techniques that have been tried and proven with professional athletes across a multitude of sports.

  • Large 121×56 Field (Call or email for rental availability)
  • Small 86×54 Field (Call or email for rental availability)
  • Synthetic turf mimics natural playing surfaces
  • Practice and develop skills year round
  • Large spaces accommodate practice for most outdoor team sports
  • Become successful with trainers who have already developed athletes
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